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Industry Updates Power Utilities

Energy Industry Games Out Best Practices to Guard Against Others’ Worst Practices


With more than 8,000 power plants providing energy across the United States, how does the power industry protect itself from a “black swan” event that could take down much of the interconnected grid, imperiling the lives and safety of millions of people?

Thousands of government and industry players in the energy sector met recently to conduct a simulated cyberattack in a biannual event called “GridEx.” The worst-case scenario is based on intelligence gathered from actual events carried out by Russia, China and other countries, Karen Evans, a cybersecurity specialist at the Department of Energy, told CNBC.

A simulated attack on the Northeast region of the United States was the focus of this year’s GridEx. In the exercise, the attack took advantage of fragmented power grid cybersecurity protections and had repercussions in the financial and telecommunications sectors, CNBC reported. Hopefully, what was learned can help the government and industry better protect itself from a real cyberattack.


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