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I Love Meetings! Lot’s of ’em! (Said Nobody Ever)


Even when you’re in the field and miles from the home office, it’s hard to escape meetings. However, a few best practices can help keep those powwows on track and productive.

Writing in Fast Company and Zapier, Ben Johnson – a marketing professional at Proof who, like the rest of us, has no doubt fought to keep his eyes open during soporific sit-downs – outlined several hard-learned best practices we should all take to heart. They include:

  • Require an agenda for every meeting.
  • Bring others into the room.
  • Have a daily huddle and weekly all-hands meeting, too.

In true best-practices fashion, Johnson notes that his office is “consistently reevaluating our process and looking for ways to improve. … One thing to remember: Not all meetings are bad. It’s just about figuring out which ones work for your team—and eliminating the rest.”


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