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Wind Company Thinks It Can Do Better


Wind power has a reputation for being a “green” source of energy. But the operation of wind turbines isn’t completely carbon-neutral.

Even renewable energy companies such as Orsted have carbon footprints, due in large part to their complex supply chains. The offshore wind developer says it is on track to be carbon-neutral in its own operations by 2025, and has committed to eliminate all carbon emissions in its supply chain over the next two decades.

“It’ll be challenging to reach a carbon neutral footprint by 2040, and it’ll require significant innovation in all parts of our supply chain,” CEO Henrik Poulsen said. “Many of the green technologies to be used to decarbonize our supply chain exist but they’re not yet cost-competitive. With the 2040 target, we want to help drive the necessary innovation forward to mature the green technologies in the industries that supply to us.”

Orsted said it will ask its supply chain partners to:

  • “Disclose their own emissions and set science-based carbon reduction targets.”
  • “Use 100 percent renewable electricity in the manufacture of wind turbines, foundations, cables, substations and components.”
  • “Optimize their current [marine] vessel fleet and develop a roadmap to power vessels with renewable energy.”


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